We offer the following packages of BPO products and services to its customers:-

Type of BPO products
Targeted customers
Key features of the services
  Third party administration ("TPA")  
  Self-insured customers and/or insurance companies  
  Actual medical expenses are borne directly by corporate clients.  
  Fully insured programme  
  Insured customers  
  Medical expenses are fully insured by an appointed licensed insurer.  
  Combination of TPA and insured programmes  
  Combination of self-insured and insured customers  
  TPA services in relation to outpatient services and insured programme for inpatient services.  
  Corporate clients  
  Advisory work in areas related to Human Resource and Employee Benefits  


In consideration of our management fee, our clients, either the corporate organisations or the insurance companies will enjoy the following 3 main services from us or known as MAP:-

a) Medical Management
b) Administration Services
c) Providers Network Management